Do you remember the scene from the movie "The Social Network," where the engineers are busy coding and no one interrupts them because they’re wired in?

"Don't bother him, he's WIRED IN."

Is that a real thing?


When you’re a developer, you’re on a perpetual quest to load your mind with mental models: APIs, application state, logic trees, algorithms, code paths, file names. The more you have in your head, the more effective you are.

Eventually, there’s a tipping point. Critical mass. You get enough information in your head and suddenly you see solutions you didn’t see before. Insurmountable problems dissolve before you. You’re in the zone.

Here’s the problem.

It’s hard to get there, and it’s fleeting once you do.  

All that information in your mind has a short half-life. When you’re interrupted those invaluable mental models decay. What was that variable name? What does that function do again?  When you return to your work, you start the long climb back all over again.

As a result, context switching is the enemy.

"Interrupt a developer, introduce a bug."

At Rally, we get it. We believe everyone benefits from eliminating the context switching. Everyone: Developers, teams, even business units.

That’s why we’ve built tools to meet developers where they work: So you can get in the zone, and stay there. Rally is coming to you.

IDE Integrations

When you’re building software in your IDE, you can interact with Rally without leaving that environment.  With these plugins, you can view and update your stories and tasks directly in Visual Studio and Eclipse without any context switching.

You can easily bring up a list of the work that matters most to you in an IDE pane alongside your code: Team stories, defects for the current iteration, tasks assigned to you, and so on.  

Once you have the list, you can open the artifact in a separate window while you do the work. You can even task out the work by creating tasks directly within the plugin.

Flowdock Integration

When you’re collaborating with your team in Flowdock, you can interact with Rally there as well. See, discuss and react to Rally changes immediately from your flow with the Flowdock Rally integration.

Flowdock allows you to create team chat and inboxes called "flows," so there's one place to talk and stay up-to-date. Here at Rally every team has a flow of its own, where we can coordinate and collaborate on our work.

We use the team inbox integrations for Rally, Jenkins, and GitHub (among others) to keep the whole team informed of what is happening in our workstream.  The great thing about this is that all of the information we care about comes to us. Jenkins build failed? We can see that in our flow. GitHub pull request pending? In the inbox.  

With Flowdock’s introduction of two-way integrations, we can even modify Rally stories directly from the inbox.

Putting It All Together

Together, the Rally IDE plugins and Flowdock integration bring Rally to where you’re already working, so you don’t have to switch contexts. Check it out.

Stay Wired In

We know that as a team member, you want to produce your best work. Using Rally integrations with Flowdock and your IDE, you can now be more focused than ever.

That way you and your team can stay wired in.


Learn more about Rally’s integrations and plugins. See how Rally customers are using Flowdock to collaborate and stay in the flow.

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