Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a regular poster over at the Rally Engineering Blog. Over there, it’s well known that I’m a keyboard fanatic. Recently, I even hinted about a snazzy feature I was implementing during hackathon.

Ever since I started using Rally, the fact that I needed to grab the mouse to do anything drove me nuts. I love the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, and I borrowed some of their ideas to incorporate into Rally during our last hackathon.

We’ve been using keyboard shortcuts internally for a while now and ironing out some issues. Now, they’re on for all users. If you want to try them out, just press the question mark key inside Rally. Yes, you need to hold down shift to type a question mark (that’s a common question). Also, here’s a link to the help documentation.

Here are some quick highlights:

  • Jump to the search box by pressing the forward-slash key
  • Edit on any detail page by pressing the “e” key
  • Create a user story from any page in Rally by pressing “c” then “s”
  • Jump to the Iteration Status page from anywhere by pressing “g” then “i”
  • On the detail page of a story scheduled in an iteration, pressing “n” then “i” takes you to the next story in that iteration

There are plenty more cool things you can do with the keyboard. Log into Rally and get rid of your mouse.

Let us know what you think!

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