I am back from our three Agile Portfolio Management launch events, caught up on sleep, still dizzy from the excitement. Dining with Geoffrey Moore (what a personable and genuine individual) after reading his Escape Velocity book was a treat. Every product manager owes it to themselves to read that book. Meeting many of our customers who have been longing for better visibility into development status was sugar on the cake.

After spending several years researching this market, it was a great feeling to launch Rally Portfolio Manager, the first agile portfolio management solution. But seeing your solution align with recommendations provided by industry luminaries – from Geoffrey Moore to Dean Leffingwell to Dave West – made me realize what a game-changing offering Rally Portfolio Manager is for Rally.

I was both nervous and relaxed before our first event in San Mateo, CA on December 6. Nervous about the complex combined live/simulcast event production but relaxed about the product we were about to announce.  The event production went flawlessly, thanks to our phenomenal marketing crew. After an entire a year of disciplined customer development with the Stratus Preview, I knew the product would hit the mark. No nervousness there. The only missing piece was not to have my product owner experience the excitement live with me. As the great product owner she is, she was holding down the fort, busy staying close to the team (and answering simulcast questions!), as any great product owners does and making sure all the final details were taken care of, including help content and videos. Susan exemplifies the quintessential product owner – one who relies on her product manager’s knowledge of market trends and customer needs to define the right features to build, then build those right in direct collaboration with her exceptional development team(s). It takes both a product manager and a product owner (and of course a great development team) to “build the right things right,” so I really missed not having her at the event.

Speaking of missing the events, if you could not attend, browse the Agile Portfolio Management toolkit for the recordings, nicely cut into digestible portions. Make sure to replay the customer experience presentations and panel discussions. Those were priceless at providing real-life experiences to current strategic planning challenges.

Rally Portfolio Manager

Rally Portfolio Manager

For information on Rally Portfolio Manager, in Rally, click the main Help link.

Unlimited Edition customers, if you are ready to experience Rally Portfolio Manager, have your Rally workspace administration contact support. You’ll be asked to first read the Getting Started guide, so here is the link to save you time.

Susan and I will be tuning in to the early Rally Portfolio Manager feedback sent to rpm-usability@rallydev.com then engaging with users on an on-going basis about feature ideas in the new Portfolio Management category in Rally Ideas.

Agile portfolio management is serious business but we had to have some fun launching it. Check out the two adventurers tackle the alignment of business and development trailer.

Happy strategic planning!

Catherine Connor
Product Manager for Rally Portfolio Manager

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