4/10/2010 Release: Continuing Our Focus on User Administration

As promised, all new features delivered in a weekend patch will be announced here. We’re pleased to announce the feature described below is due for release this weekend during our scheduled outage.

A big theme for this year is improving our administrative capabilities. Last release we introduced the Project Users page to ease the management of users within projects. We’re continuing to enhance this page and have added the ability to edit a user directly from this page. You’ll notice a new column with a gear and an arrow (same styling as the gear on the Backlog page) that displays a drop-down menu including an “Edit” item. By default it is the first column, but like most columns on our grids it can be moved anywhere.


As we complete features, we pull new features. Check out the Work In Progress page to stay abreast of the current backlog items our Engineering team is delivering.

Change username update

At the 2010.2 customer preview webinar (click here for recording), we announced that the ability to change a Rally username would be released on or before March 31. Last week we sent a message to subscription administrators notifying them of a delay in the availability of the Change Username feature. This is the ability to edit a Rally login username after the user is created. Because this feature touches a sizable portion of the application, we deem it prudent to delay the release until the team is confident it is ready. The team is actively working on it, and we’ll announce it on the Rally Product Blog and via email to Rally subscription administrators when it is available.

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