Tag – you’re it!

As we discussed in a previous post, the goal of tags is to provide a simple and flexible way to group work items. The key properties of tags is that work items can have more than one of them and they can be created or managed by anyone. We see tags being used in a variety of ways. Often they are used to track cross-cutting initiatives like supporting a new platform or localization.

With this weekends’ release (6/19th) we have added the ability to set tags on multiple items at once on the Backlog page. After selecting multiple items on that page, select the bulk action menu to apply or remove existing tags, as well as create and add new tags to all of the selected items. Once you import a group of stories, you can tag them in one brush.


Calling on All Bugzilla Users

We have revamped our original (and free) connector to provide more flexibility in integrating Rally with Bugzilla. When linking Bugzilla bugs with Rally, you can now create an issue in either Rally or Bugzilla and they will be synchronized.  You can also determine which fields you wish to map between the two applications, and whether you wish to create a story or a defect from a reported Bugzilla bug. The connector will be released in beta and if you wish to be a part of this program send an email to betas@rallydev.com.

Speaking of betas, are you taking advantage of our current betas? We invest considerable effort in validating new features and user-interface changes with our user community before releasing them as GA. Check out the Beta Programs list on our Agile Commons Work In Progress page to join any of our active Beta programs.

And, to all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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