Use Case Mode Deprecation

When Rally was first released (many, MANY years ago), work items were organized into hierarchies that we called Use Case mode. In 2006, we introduced User Story workspaces, allowing users to organize their work in a simple, flexible hierarchy. As the years passed, almost all of our customers transitioned to User Story mode and today less than 1 percent of our customers access Use Case mode. Therefore, we have made the decision to deprecate Use Case workspaces. For those few customers who are still using Use Case mode, there is no reason to panic – we’ll be migrating all Use Case data to work within our User Story workspaces.

Over 99% of Rally customers will not be impacted in any way. Only those customers who are actively using Use Case workspaces will see any changes.

We have already notified customers that are impacted by this change. In addition, beginning this Saturday, December 4th, when customers login to a Use Case mode workspace they will see a message informing them that this change is coming and direct them to where they can find more information. All Use Case mode data will still be available, but we’ll change its form so you can use it in the current User Story mode within Rally. You’ll also be able to test the migration in Sandbox before committing this to production, and we’ll be providing details about how to do this along the way. For additional information, read this post in Agile Commons.

Build and SCM Traceability Enhancements

We have increased visibility into changeset data for customers that integrate Rally project data with their SCM systems.


View Changeset Files with Mouse-over

You can now hover your mouse over the changeset Revision to see file names related to that changeset. Each file is marked with the type of change: (A) for Addition, (D) for Deletion and (M) for Modification. You can also click the link to your SCM system to view details there.

Web Services API Update

The Web Services API has been updated to version number 1.22. We have made several minor changes to the API to increase consistency as well as to support new features that are currently under development. You can review these changes by selecting the “View the Web Services API” link from the main Help page within Rally.

Rally Ideas

We have added a new category, Agile Coaching, to our Rally Ideas community. Rally’s Professional Services group provides coaching, consulting and training that helps our customers accelerate their successful adoption and growth of Agile and Rally.

Ideas AgileCoaching

New "Agile Coaching" Category in Rally Ideas

Use this new category to share ideas about new handouts, downloads, facilitation support, training classes, workshops or any other services that would benefit your team.

As usual, you can check out our What’s New section for additional details on these updates.

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