Where’s Waldo?

In the past few months we have focused significant engineering resources on improving Rally’s overall performance. One thing many users have asked for is increased search speed within Rally. One user submitted a request on our Rally Ideas community asking us to “make search usable.”  I am happy to report that we are doing just that beginning this Saturday, January 22nd. We are rolling out a new search engine that should dramatically improve search response times. We have also expanded the scope to include search results for Tags and Custom Fields.

This weekend we will enable the new search engine for approximately 50% of our subscription customers. We will roll it out for the rest of you in the near future.

New increased search speed within Rally including search results for tags and custom fields

"NEW" Search

A “NEW” tag will appear in the top left of the search page when the new search engine is enabled for your subscription.

Upgrade Use Case Workspaces to User Story Workspaces

As a reminder, for those few customers still using Use Case mode it is time to take action. On February 12, we’ll be ending support for Use Case workspaces, and all Use Case workspaces will be upgraded to the User Story style.

upgrade Rally use cases to user story style

Upgrade Use Case to User Story

Rather than waiting for the deadline, we encourage you to upgrade your Use Case workspaces now. Simply select “Upgrade to User Story” from the Actions menu on the workspace detail page. For more details on this process, refer to this page on Agile Commons.

Updated Bugzilla Connector

We have completed our Bugzilla Beta and are releasing an updated connector based on our Enterprise Integrations Framework. When synchronizing Bugzilla bugs to Rally, you now have options on where to initiate defect creation (Rally or Bugzilla), which fields to map to Rally fields, which subset of items to synchronize and whether to create a story or a defect from a reported Bugzilla bug. To learn more, check out the Integrations page on AgileCommons.

That’s all for this week – enjoy the new features!

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