This weekends release (December 18th) will be the last weekly release of 2010. It was an exciting year for Rally’s engineering team as we transitioned from our historical 8 week release cycle to releasing features as they were completed – sometimes as often as 2 or 3 releases each month. I want to thank everyone for their patience and support as we conducted these ‘experiments’, which have been a resounding success. Now, on to this week’s new features.

Updated Rich Text Editor

Creating user stories and defect descriptions with the appropriate level of detail is key to succeeding with Agile. We have received numerous requests from our Rally Ideas’ Community for adding enhanced Rich Text Editing capabilities to Rally.


User Story created with new Rich text Editing capabilities

You asked – and we listened. Tomorrow morning you will see several improvements to our Rich Text Editor, including:

  • Select between Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New fonts
  • Add multiple levels of indents and out-dents
  • Change text color and highlight text with a background color
  • Embed images directly into a User Story or Defect Description field without having to create a URL link to the image
RTE Edit bar

New Rich Text Editor toolbar

These new text editing capabilities will make it much easier to create richly formatted descriptions for User Stories and Defects. The ability to embed images directly into the Description field is also a huge time saver during User Story and Defect creation, and just as useful when viewing them.

Tagging Enhancements

Rally administrators now have the ability to archive and rename existing Tags. For those of you who have created dozens of Tags that are no longer used, the archive capability will help reduce ‘Tag clutter’ by eliminating obsolete names from the Tag picker. Historical items that contain the archived Tags will still retain the Tag name and the archived Tags will also be available in all drop-downs for filtering (custom views, reports, etc.)

Archived Tags

Misspelled or ambiguous Tags can now be renamed and the new name will propagate across all working items containing those Tags.

New Defect Matrix Summary App

We have rewritten the Defect Matrix Summary App using new components from our updated App SDK.  This App displays a breakdown of Defects in a release by Date and Priority.

Defect Summary Matrix App

Defect Summary Matrix App

In addition to its ascetically pleasing layout, the App is much faster than its predecessor. A huge thanks to Rally Customer Success Engineer Beth Lackey for rewriting this App.

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