Stateless Task Editor

Yep, you heard right, our task editor is now stateless! I know, I know, awesome right? However, you may be asking yourself – “Stateless who in the what now? What does that mean for me?”

Well, Stateful (the way our task editor used to be) meant that our system kept track of the state of interaction by setting values in a storage field designated for that purpose. As opposed to stateless (the way our task editor now works) which means there is no record of previous interactions and each interaction request is handled based entirely on information that comes with it.

Makes perfect sense, right? Right? Well, here’s what it means for users of the task editor:

Let’s say that you’re happily working along editing a task in Rally, then you get distracted by a coworker asking you about your Jump-to-Conclusions mat that you’ve been working on in your spare time. Meanwhile, Bill, who works in accounting down the hall, decides to edit the same task that you have open. Because the task editor is now stateless, when you go to save your task, you will get the following options (below)

Having the task editor “stateless” makes for a much more graceful handling of concurrency issues.

Not only that, storing less state on the server means that the server will require less memory, and therefore result in increased performance for users!

So, there you have it. Stateless task editor…making life easier, one task at a time.

Recently Changed App

The Recently Changed App gives a high level view of tasks, stories, and defects changed in the last working day.

Use this app to get a quick “at-a-glance” overview of what’s been going on with your teams.

Recently Changed App

Estimation Board App

The Estimation Board visually groups things in Rally together by size. The ability for users to customize options make this an extremely powerful and flexible app. Custom settings include plan estimate sizes as well as adding, deleting and renaming of columns.

The drag & drop function allows you to quickly change the plan estimate of a story or defect. Direct links to stories and defects makes navigating through Rally a breeze.

Estimation Board App

Rally Connector for JIRA 4.x

We’ve updated our JIRA connector. The Rally Connector for JIRA allows customers to use Rally for Agile lifecycle management while still using JIRA for defect management. The connector provides synchronization capability between JIRA work items and Rally work items. In addition, the JIRA connector is now part of the Rally Enterprise Integration Framework, making it much more flexible.

Permanently delete tags

We’ve added the ability to permanently delete tags on the tag management page so that users can more effectively control the list of available tags.

Delete Tags



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