As a product owner, I’m often stopped in the hall by testers.  ”DE11582,” they’ll exclaim, breathlessly.  ”Is that how you really want it to work, or would you prefer the dropdown to close immediately in IE6?”

“Hang on,” I’ll say.  ”I have no idea which defect you’re talking about.”  For some reason, testers seem to have a knack for remembering lots of five-digit ID codes.  I’ve got to look them up before having this conversation.

It used to be a pain to find these items – open Rally, log in, enter the defect ID into Rally’s search bar and look at the defect.  But with our new UI architecture, you can now configure Chrome to search Rally natively.

I just go into Chrome, type ‘r’, enter the defect ID, and hit <ENTER>

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 5.14.07 PM

and I’m taken right to my defect.

This is easy to configure – just add a search engine to Chrome.  In Preferences or Settings for Chrome, click “Manage Search Engines,” and add Rally like this:

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 5.26.04 PM

Here’s the specific URL you want to use:

It’s really easy to set this up, and you’ll find you use it anytime someone sends you an IM with a defect or story ID.  Plus, it’s connected to Rally’s search engine, so you can use it to search for phrases or story names as well.




I’m still using Firefox for the most part, if only for the pinned ‘app’ tabs. Here’s how you do a similar thing there: For some reason you can’t just right-click on the search bar for Rally… So I created a keyword search for Cachezilla, then copied it and changed the URL to the Rally search URL: Works like a charm.
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