OK, maybe not an Oscar. Wrong Industry. But how does one win an Oscar (aka Academy Award)?

Gaining feedback and voting. The mechanism they use is called choice voting. Choice voting with over 5,000 members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The members are split between different branches. The Cinematography Branch, the Directors Branch, Music branch, Actors Branch, Visual Effects Branch and so on, making up approximately fifteen different branches.

What would happen if the votes only came in from the Actors Branch?

The same concept of attaining many different inputs to decide the Oscar winners applies to software development  as well. We know that listening to only one source, while the input is valid, does not get us the information that we need to build the product. But we also know that building the product is not the goal. Rather, building the right product.

How do you know that you are building the right product?

One answer to that question is by utilizing reporting and analytics within a democratic community to gain a clear picture on what is occurring.

“Better measurements and visualization lead to better insights. Better insights lead to better decisions. Better decisions lead to a better outcome,” says Larry Maccherone, Rally Product Owner. In the case of Rally Idea Manager, the decisions are not nebulous. Rally Idea Manager allows organizations to gain the necessary feedback to make strategic roadmap and product decisions, leading to better solutions for not only your business but your customers as well. While Rally Idea Manager does not feed all of the input on what to build, it is an essential source. And one that Rally uses on a consistent basis with our community, Rally Ideas.

As of today, analyzing the data within Rally Idea Manager has just become nearly effortless and more powerful. For those of you that have been using Rally Idea Manager in your own organization, you know that there has been a dashboard activity charts and an Idea by Status diagram. These capabilities have been improved and enhanced with not only a new look and feel but a more robust set of metrics and charts to examine, customize and drill into.

Enhancements to the Rally Idea Manager Dashboard include:

  • Activity Metrics with the ability to customize in several ways to view idea, comment, votes and user activity

Activity Metrics

  • Category Distribution for a clear picture on the most and least popular areas of your product
Category Distribution

Category Distribution

  • Fastest Risers for an at-a-glance look at hottest ideas according to votes
  • Average Days Per Status to quickly view the average length of time an idea is in a given status

Understanding what your user-base is requesting based on factual data is a powerful mechanism to leverage and bring back into your organization helping to make well informed strategic decisions.

In addition to the above functionality in the dashboard, there is now the ability to turn on the Dashboard Tab  to end-users instead of only Site Administrators for a broader level of visibility. By default, this option will be turned off. The option to enable the dashboard view to end-users is in the Setup Tab under Site > Components.


Dashboard for End-Users

Like voting for an Oscar winner, visualizing and understanding the needs from your many different stakeholders will lead to better product decisions. And as Larry said, “Better decisions lead to a better outcome.”

Engage with other users and the Rally Product Team in our community, Rally Ideas. We may not always implement the idea that is most important to you- but we hear you and we are doing the best we can to listen to all of our stakeholders and build the right things.

So internalize the metrics, share your insights and win an Oscar :)

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