“To Hack” comes with a lot of connotation. What’s your favorite type?

One type of hacking is a favorite desperation move sometimes employed during our lunchtime basketball games – especially when the Ops guys are playing. Hacking away at a felled tree to prep for the cold winter months is back-breaking at best. And don’t forget the hacking cough – an unwelcome visitor anytime it sets up shop.

No, by far our favorite hack here at Rally is the “-athon” type. We love us some hackathon around here.


We just finished another internal hackathon, and as usual we got some incredible results. Stay tuned for more excitement to make its way into Rally as a result.

In other hacking news, we are going to duplicate the ridiculous awesomeness of our RallyOn Spring hackathon in our Raleigh, North Carolina office this October. This Fall hackathon event will coincide with a grand Open House celebration to inaugurate our newly converted-loft offices in the eastern time zone. Guaranteed good times.

Will this hackathon best last spring’s winner, the Kanban Time Machine?

Will any team beat the 30-hour straight coding frenzy of the Plan Plan Palatable team? You never know…

Interested in going and pairing up with a Rally engineer for a two-day hackathon event? We’re running the Fall Hackathon in our Raleigh, NC office on October 3rd and 4th.

After the Hackathon, stick around for our the Open House party celebrating the new Raleigh office digs.

Get in touch with your Rally Sales team, and they can give you all the details.

Happy Hacking!


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