While the engineering chefs in the Rally kitchen are busy cooking up some big meals, they also tend to toss out a few tasty product appetizers from time to time. The last few weeks have seen a couple of these delicious bits make their way into Rally: email notifications when a work product gets recycled, and for Rally Quality Manager users, the ability to add Tasks to Test Sets directly from the Iteration Status page.

Notify me

Did you know you can have Rally email you a notification when an artifact field value changes? Yep! Click on Setup in the upper right corner of your Rally screen, then “My Notification Rules”, and build your notifications just like you build an iTunes play list. Super simple. You can even add a panel that displays your notifications right there on your dashboard. And now, there’s a new condition to experiment with – Recycled. This is a powerful notification and can be used for any artifact type that goes to the Recycle Bin when deleted. Another great suggestion from Rally users via Rally Ideas!

OK, who cares?

Have you ever wondered where a Defect went, only to find it in the Recycle Bin because someone thought it was a duplicate? Do you work with globally distributed teams, where email communication across time zones sometimes results in crossed wires? Things happen. Your team tries to do the right thing and *poof* there goes a nice hierarchy of stories into the bin. Instead of freaking out and wasting a bunch of time, you’re all set because your notification email gave you the heads up. Head on over to the Recycle Bin and restore that thing. Give it a try!

Tasks on Test Sets? Crazy talk!

If you’re like many of the teams using Rally, you have become very good friends with the Iteration Status page. However, for our Rally Quality Manager users, it was always irritating that you couldn’t add Tasks to a Test Set. Guess what? You can now add Tasks directly to a Test Set, right from Iteration Status! Whoo hoo!

And now that you can put Tasks on Test Sets, you can also take advantage of all the Rally goodness that goes along with it. Estimate your Tasks and see them rolled up to the Test Set estimate. Track progress against the Tasks, simplifying cross-team status updates. Get a heads up if blocked Tasks are putting your iteration at risk. Bring your Test Set Tasks into Time Tracker. As an added bonus, your Tasks for Test Sets now show up right alongside your other tasks on the “My tasks” dashboard panel.

In-line saves time

Sitting in a planning meeting, brainstorming tasks for your Test Set? Quickly add them in-line, using the action buttons to the right of the test set. Adding tasks in-line looks and feels just like adding tasks to a User Story, including the ability to drag & drop re-rank and double-click edit. Prefer a pop-up editor for each task so you can put in more details? There’s a button for that, too.


Have fun with these features, and let us know what you think in Rally Ideas!

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