With the Rally Raleigh Hackathon just days away, we wanted to talk a little bit about how our customers use this opportunity to customize the Rally platform.

Rally’s hackathons are highly valued by our customers for a few important reasons.

First, we invite those who have a purpose for participating – a need to customize their Rally environment to meet a real business or process challenge.  Second, Rally uniquely supports our hackathons with Rally engineers, pairing one with each and every customer for fast and creative innovation on the Rally Platform.

In just 24 hours of work, participants are able to take home a working App or connector they can deploy immediately in their business to improve their organization’s productivity.  Better still, the Rally community benefits from the work – these same Apps will be available in GitHub for any customer to use, either directly or with further customization.  Best of all, discussion and work on these Apps is done collaboratively with other Rally platform developers.


Hackathon in Action

So, what is a platform anyway?

Riffing off of a famous Marc Andreesen quote, a “platform” is a system that can be configured and programmed and therefore customized by users – and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform’s original designers could not have possibly contemplated, much less had time to accommodate.

Rally’s cloud-based Agile software management service has been designed from the ground up as an open and extensible platform that allows you to shape Rally to meet your specialized and evolving business and process needs.

Our API First design means that:

• Rally pages, Apps, or reports can be customized and shared

• All historical data is available to produce meaningful reports and metrics

• Nearly any third-party tool can be integrated

In Rally, customization starts with the ability to create and share custom dashboards and pages to provide exactly the right views into your data to match role and team specific needs, drawing from our catalog of Apps designed for a variety of popular visualization and reporting needs.

When you need to go further, Rally provides access to the same components, tools, and interfaces we provide to our users when we build our product.  Rally recently launched our latest AppSDK (Version 2.0) and a beta version of our advanced analytics API, as well as our new platform developer community environment featuring GitHub and StackOverflow, at a customer Hackathon at RallyON.  Now, we’re doing it again to help shepherd in our new product development offices in Raleigh, NC.

The Raleigh Hackathon is just around the corner. Let the innovation begin!

Follow the excitement on Twitter at #RallyApps.

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