So, you’ve spent a bunch of time with Rally Portfolio Manager, and love the way it shows you exactly what’s going on with your portfolio investments. How did you live without it before? But, one thing you’ve asked us for is a way to clearly visualize the entire hierarchy of portfolio items and connected stories. You asked – we listened!

You can now add the Portfolio Hierarchy App from any dashboard page by clicking the “Customize Page” link in the upper right corner of a page. Select “Portfolio Hierarchy” from the list of available apps, and you’re done!

Now, sit back, and enjoy:

  • A complete visualization of your portfolio hierarchy
  • Specifying the top level project you want to start visualizing your the hierarchy
  • Specifying the Portfolio Item level you want to start visualizing your hierarchy
  • Drag-n-drop reparenting of portfolio items and stories
  • Editing, copying, and deleting items directly from the hierarchy


There’s even more goodness in the Portfolio-land these days. Did you know you can now select a different portfolio item “prefix” for each level of your portfolio hierarchy? In our example below, there are four levels of Portfolio items, and we’ve specified a unique prefix for each:


This lets you see at a glance the level of a portfolio item you are looking at, just by looking at the ID. Cool, huh? To get to the page to create unique prefixes, edit the “Portfolio Item type” field in your workspace setup list of Portfolio Item Fields.

Let us know what you think by clicking the “Give Feedback” banner on the Portfolio Hierarchy app. Until next time – happy hierarchy!

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