Build the Thing Right. Survive chaotic markets and produce sustained value by building things right the first time.

Every business wants products that scale well, perform as expected, and contain no unpleasant surprises for customers. Learn how to survive chaotic markets and produce sustained value by pulling quality forward. Build a system that builds it right - motivating teams to produce great work and turning your development lifecycle into a high-performance machine capable of sudden maneuvers.

Topics include:

  • How to select an Agile framework that best fits your environment.
  • Agile Metrics - Find out what matters and what doesn't.
  • Getting an accurate picture of development status and progress.

About The Book:

Agile Business is an introduction to Agile from a business perspective, helping readers understand and apply the principles across their organizations. What comes with Agile Business? Better products, less waste, more predictability, shorter time-to-market, and happier people.

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