Services Product Manager

Ronica leads Rally's Services product strategy, ensuring we offer a whole solution of training, coaching, consulting and other services to make our customers successful with Agile and Rally.

At Rally since 2006 and in 10+ years experience with Agile, Ronica evangelizes all things collaborative, creative, Agile, and Lean with incomparable energy and passion. She helps Rally build learning organizations that honor the individual, give everyone the chance to do what they do best, and harness the power of teams to amplify great work and produce great stuff (including software).

As an Agile expert and consultant, she has helped dozens of companies move towards business agility, helping them understand how Agile principles and practices can transform their business, and help them see how iterative organizational change can bring incremental and powerful results. She speaks and writes regularly on Agile topics and on Rally's abilities to support Agile transformation and Agile organizations. She also continues to teach certified Scrum and SAFe courses.

Ronica earned her B.A. in politics from Mount Holyoke College and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Certifications and Clearances: 

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)
Certified Scrum Trainer (CSM)

Personal Info: 

Ronica is based in Boulder, where she pursues Colorado’s outdoors, skiing, language, travel, stories and people.

"Her passion, focus, and depth of understanding of Scrum and related methods is unsurpassed. She's a firebrand of wisdom, tempered by practical application. ... Anyone who wants to take the Agility of their organization to the next level couldn't find anyone better than Ronica to take them there. Her understanding is out at the very leading edge of the field, and her capacity to apply and communicate is top-notch."

Matt Clinton, Software Development Manager, Ericsson


Contributing author of "Agile Business: A Leader's Guide to Harnessing Complexity"

Co-author, with Phil Knight, of "Agile: It means nimble, fast, adaptable and efficient – all the things a project manager wants his or her teams to be. But what is agile to a project manager, and how do we do it right?" Project: The Voice of Project Management, February 2014.

Co-author, with Christine Bottagaro, of "Managing Federal Projects in Agile: Moving Away from the Waterfall," Modern Government, May 2013.

Author of "Making Multi-Team Agile Programs Successful," AgileConnection (Techwell), January 31, 2011.

Author of "It Takes a Village: 6 Ways to Fill the Product Owner Role," Better Software, September 2009.

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