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Design Thinking Meets Civic Tech

Unleash What’s Next

The world’s moving faster than ever, and as a partner to some of the most innovative companies in the world, Rally is at the forefront of change. We bring our world-class SaaS platform and the most experienced coaches and consultants in the industry to help customers navigate today’s challenges — including nimble competitors, changing markets, increasing regulation and faster cycles of innovation.  And like you, we too must adapt to change.

Agility for Nonprofits Means Better Business, Greater Impact

It’s Time to RallyON!

Posted by Rally Software in Agile

We invite you to join us at RallyON 2015, June 15-17 in Phoenix, Arizona.

RallyON brings you the best thinking, strategies, and practices to help you capitalize on the new pace of change. Find out how today’s leaders are adapting to the future of work and building organizations that are fast, lean, and nimble. Come to learn, connect, innovate, and be inspired.

3 Reasons PMs Should Get Certified

Posted by Rally Software in Agile

In its global survey of project management practices, PricewaterhouseCoopers (pwc) reported that 34% of project managers use agile methods at their companies, and a majority of PMs (62%) are certified Agile practitioners. Now, new research from advisory firm Software Advice gives you three more reasons to shore up your agile skills.

Building Strong Teams … and Schools

Sometimes there’s no better way to instill a spirit of teamwork and shared optimism than to work together on a project outside your company walls. When we get a chance to do this, our best selves shine through. Last week, on a day when the sun did not shine in New Orleans, over 200 Rallyers descended on a local school and were lit up with the spirit of giving.

What’s the Best Conference Talk You’ve Heard?

Posted by Rally Software in Agile

The tech industry has long used conferences to share ideas, products, practices, and news. In this era of TED talks, YouTube, SlideShare, and livestreaming, it's easier than ever to be in the audience when thought leaders take the stage.

The best conference talks -- even if they’re virtual -- elicit a reaction that’s visceral: they make you think and act differently. Whether it’s a jarring statistic, or a humorous anecdote, or a charismatic speaking style, something about the best talks stays with you long after the talk has ended.

“At Scale” Is For Fortune Cookies

Posted by Stephanie Tanner in Agile

Have you heard about the fortune cookie meme where you read your fortune cookie and then add the phrase “in bed” to the end of it? For example:

You will learn a lot today … in bed.

A dream you have will come true … in bed.

Funny ... and maybe a little immature.

Well in the business world, the same thing works for the phrase “at scale.”

Maintain quality … at scale.

Speak at RallyON 2015

Posted by Rally Software in Agile

Continuous improvement may be a fundamental tenet of Agile and Lean disciplines, but making real change in organizations is hard. If you’ve ever read a book, seen a talk, or had a conversation that changed your thinking or behavior, then you know that meaningful change often starts with someone else’s experience and advice.

That’s why we’re inviting you to share yours as a RallyON 2015 speaker.

How It Works: User Stories

Next Tuesday, February 10, our TeamStart webinar series will answer your questions about "Writing Great User Stories." Whether you’re just getting started with Agile or consider yourself an expert, join us to get and give some good Q+A. We’re going to talk about writing compelling stories that focus on business value. Here are a few questions from past "User Stories" webinars:


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