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The SAFe Program Portfolio: A Lean Perspective on Limits

In light of the discussion over at kanbandev about the feasibility of how SAFe’s WiP limiting approaches work at the portfolio level, there are few nuances that are important to understand. (I've included references below for more information at the Scaled Agile Inc. website, and more information can also be found in the portfolio module of the course materials.)

The Role of PI Objectives

Posted by Eric Willeke in Coaching

Our coaching team is having a bit of an internal discussion about the role of PI (Program Increment) Objectives and their importance, and this debate has touched on the nature of Agile Release Trains themselves. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I feel that organizations are wasting some of the deeper power of SAFe® when misusing them, so I thought I'd share some opinions here.

The Daily Standup ... or the Daily Canary?

Posted by Ken Clyne in Coaching

The daily standup, long one of Agile’s trademark ceremonies, seems to have been coming under fire lately.

Top 10 Posts of 2012

2012 was a busy year on the Rally Blogs! Check out this top ten list of our most popular posts that received thousands of views – an eclectic mix of topics including engineering code snippets, strategic agile leadership advice, Rally software product tips, and insights for how to scale agile across the enterprise. Enjoy!

How to Find Flow

As I wrote recently about some Rallying adventures, I get to work on some exciting projects. A recent one is the “Agile for Business” book which is being put together in an iterative and incremental manner.

Tell Me Why

Last month, Jean Tabaka was a guest speaker at the London Scrum user group where she delivered a talk called, Tell me Why“, inspired by Simon Sinek’s book,

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The Rally Blog Team

Why We Need Managers

When I talk with customers about their Agile adoptions, one challenge that comes up repeatedly is “middle management”. What is their role? How does management change in a self-organizing and team-based environment? Will they participate in the Agile transformation? Or will they subvert it?

Trains, Shopping and the Risk of Release Dates

Posted by Karl Scotland in Coaching

I live in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK, about 50 miles from London. This means that I regularly catch the train for meetings or engagements “in town”. When making the journey, I always look at the timetable. Trains only run every 30-60 minutes, so if I get the timing wrong, then I’m most likely left hanging around at the station. Not a great use of time, especially with the typical British weather. When I get into London and need to catch the tube somewhere, however, it’s a different story.

Adopting Agile into the PMP World

The UPS delivery guy came by our house the other day. Not so unusual, since he comes by our house on a regular basis. The box he dropped off, however, was oddly more exciting than a new batch of power bars, cat treats and other miscellaneous household items we usually get.


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