What Does It Take to Do DevOps? Agility.

DevOps is fundamentally about Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) working together. It builds on decades of learnings from Lean and Agile, and it’s an extension of Agile practices from development into operations.

Like Lean and Agile, DevOps isn’t just about selecting and using the right tools — which is where many organizations begin. DevOps succeeds at enterprise scale when you start by changing your mindset and organization. 


Collaborate and use systems thinking to accomplish mutual goals and deliver value to customers. This includes breaking down silos, planning and prioritizing together, and raising and mitigating risks as a larger team.


Streamline processes to create organizational support and incentives for everyone working in a customer value stream. Accelerate your release cadence to provide value in smaller increments and get frequent feedback from customers. Make work visible throughout your organization — so everyone knows they’re executing on company strategy and delighting customers.


Go beyond continuous integration and delivery. Choose technology that provides visibility into the flow of product, architectural, compliance, security, and other critical work across the value stream.

DevOps at Enterprise Scale

Scaling DevOps depends on embracing enterprise scale Agile development and Agile operations approaches. The crux of DevOps is being able to seamlessly flow work through these groups — not just product features and code, but infrastructure, disaster recovery, compliance, analytics, and more.

The DevOps mindset aligns particularly well with enterprises working to chip apart legacy applications or break new ground by adopting deeper SOA and microservice models.

Rally provides the Lean and Agile expertise you need to do enterprise scale DevOps and make mindset and process shifts that stick. Use our enterprise scale Agile platform to create visibility into shared goals and work — across the value stream.

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