Webinar: Agile Product Portfolio Management - What to do When You Have Many, Large Projects

Agile Portfolio Management Webinar Series
Net Objectives CEO, Senior Consultant, Trainer, Author
Director of Agile University, CSM, SPC, PMI-ACP
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012

Product portfolio management is not simply about identifying the most important things to create and then focusing on them.  Portfolio Managers and Program Managers need to also understand how this work must be managed across the responsible teams as well as how multiple projects or components come together prior to deployment.

In this webinar Alan Shalloway and Rally's Ann Konkler discuss how to manage multiple projects with multiple teams across an enterprise while avoiding command and control hierarchy including:

  • The real-world challenges they’ve seen
  • The limits of a completely flat organizational structure and the challenges of team dynamics at scale
  • How teams can be organized to share product backlogs to improve completion of work will be presented.

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