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Rally's coaches are among the best in the world. Widely regarded as leaders in Agile and Lean practices, our coaches have the experience and know-how your organization needs to turn Agile theory into successful Agile practices, tailored to your business and goals. Our experience includes:


  • Launching 1,000+ teams and guiding enterprise-wide Agile adoption
  • Facilitating big room planning (release planning) sessions with customers on a weekly basis
  • Regularly contributing to software publications and speaking at industry and Agile conferences, such as The Lean Software and Systems Consortium, and The Agile Development Conference, and Agile 2015
  • The largest and most experienced team of SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC) and SAFe Trainers (SPCT), world-wide

Rally's coaches have extensive experience guiding organizations like yours through the successful adoption of Agile principles and best practices, and we partner with leading Agile coaches and trainers.

Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Fellow

I'm an Agile Fellow with Rally Software in Boulder, CO. I love coaching others about Agile software development. My passion in this realm has led me to concentrate on practices in collaboration and leadership. I'm also now reaching into systems thinking, Lean, and Kanban (you can read blog posts I've written about these topics). I see a strong interdependency among these various processes and practices. This has led me to also look outside of software and IT to our larger community about sustainable and restorative practices within our physical world.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a University Scholar from the University of Missouri. I hold a Masters in French Literature from Michigan State University and a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. 

Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach, SAFe Agilist

Skip Angel is a Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant for Rally Software based in Seattle, WA. He has 25 years of experience in software development in a variety of roles such as Developer, Project Manager, Consultant and Chief Technology Officer.

Skip has provided solutions in several industries including travel, healthcare, automotive care, retail, social networking and financial. Today he provides thought leadership, training and coaching to new and experienced teams interested in agile practices including Lean/Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (XP). He also has a unique focus in helping companies achieve organizational agility beyond development teams using a mix of techniques and models like SAFe, Lean Startup, Lean UX, Leadership Agility and others.

As an external coach and trainer, Skip has provided public and private courses to all sizes of product development and IT organizations. He has also been an embedded coach for pilot teams and enterprise transformation efforts across multiple local and distributed teams across US and India.

Skip is a Certified SAFe Agilist, Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and Innovation Games Certified Facilitator. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Oral Roberts University.

Skip’s community endeavors include being a member of the Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, and local agile and software improvement user groups. He has created several blogs, a podcast, and is active using social networking with others in the community. He is also a frequent speaker at process improvement related and project management conferences and events.

Agile Coach

Chris Browne is an Agile Coach and Application Developer with a passion for helping organizations learn how to innovate. A fan of hackathons, design thinking and automated testing, Chris is able to leverage his experiences as a developer and test automation engineer to help teams improve their processes and supporting tools/infrastructure. Besides helping teams improve, he also develops custom extensions for the Rally application to help better integrate the tool with a customer's current environment and needs.

A former triathlete and photographer, Chris now spends his free time producing music and DJing.

Transformation Consultant

Gerald is an Transformation Consultant with Rally Software in Austin, TX. His years of experience in software development, business analysis and technical pre-sales provide him with unique insight as to the development, operational and cultural challenges faced when adopting Lean / Agile methodologies. He has enabled the adoption of Lean / Agile values, principles, and practices at the team level, and as part of more complex organizational transformations.

Gerald’s passion and commitment is to help individuals and organizations use Lean / Agile as a way to invoke beneficial and sustainable change that enables their growth and success. He specializes in Agile at scale, focusing on building well balanced content (Initiatives, Features and Stories) as well as developing and maturing the roles involved in content management and content authority.

Director of Professional Services, North America

Ben's experience includes over 15 years in the software development industry in a variety of different roles. Ben has participated on Agile teams as an Architect, Team Lead, Developer, Tester, Analyst, Designer, and ScrumMaster. Ben has worked as an Agile Coach within a variety of industry verticals and with Agile programs spanning multiple teams, time zones, and continents. His passions include enabling the fast and effective delivery of software, helping teams reach high-performance, and helping find the essence of great software.

Transformation Consultant & Services Lead

Ken Clyne is a Transformation Consultant and Services Lead.  Now in his 6th year as a Rally coach, Ken is back in the UK supporting the EMEA region after many years in the U.S.  Ken's passion is coaching Rally's large customers through their transformation to business agility; a challenge that is always fun and never easy.

Ken is comfortable in front of large or small audiences. He is an advocate of Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban but likes his Agile mixed in with a healthy dose of Lean and humility. Ken's biggest influencers are his customers and colleagues but he also finds much inspiration from the work of Reinertsen, Senge, and the Heath Brothers.

Agile Coach

Chris Farrell is an Agile Coach with Rally Software in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His passion is helping organizations, teams, and people unleash their potential. Since discovering Agile in 2004 he has been an Agile developer, Trainer, ScrumMaster, and Agile/Lean Coach. He has extensive experience with Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and Lean.

Chris is an empathetic change agent who motivates through action and leads by example. He is a skilled facilitator, trainer, mentor, and coach. He has a strong desire to help others discover the power of Agile.

Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master & Certified Scrum Product Owner

Yvonne Kish is an agile coach with Rally Software in Raleigh, NC.  She helps organizations around the world bring higher quality products to market faster, run leaner, boost profits, and enhance their business value while delighting customers.  Leveraging her Agile subject matter knowledge with deep QA, project management, training, and consulting expertise, Yvonne leads start-ups to Fortune 100 companies in translating their product vision into market-ready reality by designing tailored solutions for optimal ROI.

After graduating from Old Dominion University with a BS in Computer Science, Yvonne excelled in diverse software engineering roles that laid the foundation for the strong information technology mastery that she brings to all her projects. As an early, passionate adopter of Agile methodologies, she is widely respected for her collaborative, relationship building approach and her genuine interest in the success of her team, and ultimately her client’s unique mission.

When not traveling to exotic locales that have included Bora Bora, Rwanda, Australia, and New Zealand, Yvonne enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and gourmet cooking.

Director of Agile University, CSM, SPC, PMI-ACP

Ann has over 20 years of experience in IT and software development in a variety of roles including programmer analyst, business systems analyst, technical lead, project manager, development manager, and PMO manager.

Ann was introduced to Agile in 2003 when she was asked to manage a group of developers who were early adopters of eXtreme Programming within a Fortune 500 company. Curiosity about Agile soon turned to enthusiasm and then a vision for scaling the practices and spreading the principles across the organization. Ann eventually asked to transition out of her management role in order to give full attention to defining and rolling out a new IT-wide solution delivery life cycle, with Agile at its core.   Since joining Rally as a coach in 2009, Ann has helped numerous organizations of all sizes and across several industries in making significant progress on their own path to business agility.

Ann is a SAFe Program Consultant, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She is also certified in Project Management and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Portland State University.

Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant

Kathryn is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant. Kathryn believes this is truly the best-job-ever. Kathryn works with teams all over the world - from small research and development teams working on Horizon 3 (and longer) product inventions to large-scale product development teams - and help them sort out how to develop products in a more nimble and resilient fashion.

Kathryn began her career at Accenture in Washington DC, has done service work in Guatemala, moved her family to Singapore and now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. She’s been practicing Agile techniques in its various forms for about 12 years in large and small companies. She holds several Agile certifications including Certified Scrum Practitioner and Certified SAFe Program Consultant. Prior to joining Rally Kathryn was an Enterprise Agile Coach at Hewlett-Packard - working with small teams of research scientists to large server and storage device teams.

Kathryn is an accomplished public speaker and speaks at a wide variety of Agile/Lean conferences and gatherings.

Kathryn hopes to be a disruptive force to anyone who thinks that the way we develop products is just fine.

Certified Scrum Master & Agile Coach

John has nearly 20 years experience in all segments of the software development lifecycle. He began his career by helping teams understand and manage change through configuration management processes and tooling. His passion for improving team communication led to his immersion in continuous integration, build and release management. John has helped teams evolve through several methodologies, growing from gated and controlled through phased iterative and finally to agile/collaborative techniques. John has worked with software delivery teams as an on-the-ground participant and as a trainer. He is a certified RUP consultant and a Certified Scrum Master.

Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Practitioner, PMP

Christen is an Agile Coach with Rally Software in Denver, CO. After seeing a need for better software at United Airlines reservations, she left to begin her IT career in 1996 as a Business Analyst with Airline Tariff Publishing Company and continued to grow her career in Systems Analysis, Project Management and Program Management at AOL.

She was so convinced, after getting her CSM in 2006, that agile was that “special sauce” for building great teams, that she voluntarily began offering a simple Scrum class to anyone in the company that wanted to learn. This caught the attention of Technology leaders, and she was asked to integrate agile techniques and practices into the traditional waterfall SDLC model across the globe at AOL. This transition led to their interest in full adoption of agile in 2007 and a large re-investment in training and coaching in 2011.

Christen has over decades of experience in a variety of roles and environments and is passionate about using Agile methods to help guide teams in the implementation of quality products and deliverables that would stand out as successful examples to other teams and encourage Agile practices at an organizational level. She brings a unique combination of coaching at the team, manager and executive levels to reinforce their roles and how they are each responsible for the success of Agile.

When Christen is not coaching on the road, she is hiking with her Kuvasz near Denver, traveling internationally with friends or working on her motorcycle skills at a nearby track on her GSXR750.

Agile Coach

Tamara Nation is an Agile Coach at Rally Software, where she pursues her passion for enabling individuals to learn, grow, and thrive using Agile and Lean principles and processes. She has helped launch dozens of teams with their Agile and Rally tool adoptions and considers distributed teams to be her specialty.

Tamara has spent 18 years working in a variety of roles on software development teams large and small. She started her career as an ADA programmer for unmanned aircraft. Other notable work experiences include being the solo production Oracle DBA for a team of 50, building a software support team from scratch, and leading Web development teams for Fortune 100 companies. It was her experience as a technical project manager that led her to discover Scrum in 2008. Frustrated with delays and a lack of real results, she began to add Scrum best practices to her project and was amazed as it transformed her team completely. At Rally, Tamara has grown as a facilitator and a coach and is always looking forward to meeting her next Rally customer.

Agile Coach

Tom is an Agile Coach with Rally Software where he enjoys using his background and experiences with Agile to help new teams start their Agile journey. Tom started his career with Rally as an Engagement Manager, where he worked with many of Rally’s largest customers on their Agile transformations.

Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and worked in information technology development and services across industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Insurance.  He is currently a Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant, Certified Scrum Master, and Product Owner.

One of his greatest passions is serving as a volunteer Firefighter and EMT-Basic, which he's done for over twenty-five years. As Fire Chief of the Divide Fire Protection District in Divide, Colorado, Tom has the opportunity to bring Agile and Lean thinking and practices into the fire and emergency medical services.

Services Product Manager

Ronica leads Rally's Services product strategy, ensuring we offer a whole solution of training, coaching, consulting and other services to make our customers successful with Agile and Rally.

At Rally since 2006 and in 10+ years experience with Agile, Ronica evangelizes all things collaborative, creative, Agile, and Lean with incomparable energy and passion. She helps Rally build learning organizations that honor the individual, give everyone the chance to do what they do best, and harness the power of teams to amplify great work and produce great stuff (including software).

As an Agile expert and consultant, she has helped dozens of companies move towards business agility, helping them understand how Agile principles and practices can transform their business, and help them see how iterative organizational change can bring incremental and powerful results. She speaks and writes regularly on Agile topics and on Rally's abilities to support Agile transformation and Agile organizations. She also continues to teach certified Scrum and SAFe courses.

Ronica earned her B.A. in politics from Mount Holyoke College and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Agile Coach

Todd Sheridan has been building and leading teams across many different industries–from interactive agencies and tech startups to universities and healthcare–since 2001. He has spent the last 8 years as a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach, with a focus on scaling the success of Agile teams to the enterprise.

Transformation Consultant

Jim Tremlett is an Agile Coach at Rally Software and holds certifications as a Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, and SAFe Program Consultant. Jim developed his agile product development skills at a number of start-ups, a telecommunications R&D laboratory, and as a consultant & methodologist at a large IT consulting firm. Jim has been a software engineer for over 30 years.

Jim has a passion for working with product companies and IT organizations, large and small, undertaking the transformation to a more agile development process.  From his experience, Jim also has a passion for the start-up process of inventing new products and looks to bring a start-up’s laser focus and adaptability to clients’ development programs.

Agile Coach

Steven Voyles is an Agile Coach for Rally Software based in Memphis, TN. He works to help organizations and their teams to quickly and frequently bring high quality software to market so that they can stay competitive. The best way to do this is to focus on value delivery, continuous improvement, and elimination of waste. Steven believes the most productive teams are collaborative groups of individuals empowered to take responsibility for their work who feel respected and valued. By helping organizations build these kinds of teams and coach them to a sustainable and predictable state of flow Steven hopes to be part of changing the way that we get work done so that more of our time is spent providing value to the organization and fulfillment to the individual while allowing people to go home and sleep well at night.

Steven has played numerous roles on the teams he’s worked with including developer, project manager, business analyst, and agile coach. He is an agile evangelist and founder of the Memphis Agile Practitioner’s Group.

Certified Scrum Trainer

Rachel Weston Rowell is a member of the Office of the CTO, a Certified Scrum Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant and Agile coach at Rally Software in Boulder, Colorado. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the software development industry working with both in-house IT and product development teams and as a consultant working on software and strategic initiatives. Rachel has held many functional roles within software teams and organizations, including working at the executive level, as an IT Manager and Director, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Tech Writer and QA.

Rachel has expertise in coaching and facilitating at the executive level with senior leaders on the role of leadership in large-scale Agile rollouts. She has also been instrumental in leading the development and delivery of Agile services in alignment with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) for Rally's customers. She was an early practitioner of scaled agile concepts, including multi-team release planning practices and principles.

Throughout her career, she has worked actively to improve processes in order to create a more collaborative, successful and therefore satisfying working environment. She is passionate about the positive changes Agile methods can enable for organizations, teams, and their customers. Rachel holds a Masters in Linguistics with a specialization in Computational Linguistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of California Berkeley.

Transformation Services Director and SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer

Eric’s personal vision statement, “Helping everybody on a project sleep better at night,” speaks volumes about his passion for continuous improvement and unlocking human potential. As a transformation consultant, he leads customers’ large-scale change efforts—working side by side with people at all levels of the company to get work done by breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces. You’ll find Eric advising executives, facilitating organizational design workshops, identifying and mitigating adoption risks, mentoring internal coaches and consultants, teaching SAFe and Kanban classes, and speaking at conferences worldwide. Find more about Eric on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

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