Finally, Get Real Data About the Benefits of Adopting Agile

The Impact of Agile. Quantified. This report introduces you to findings derived from the data of more than 10,000 Agile teams. Learn how Agile can quantifiably improve your software delivery.

Make the Case for Agile Transformation

The Software Development Performance Index (SDPI) framework measures the dimensions of Responsiveness, Quality, Productivity, and Predictability along with employee engagement and customer satisfaction. This balanced scorecard approach presents an accurate picture of opportunities for improvement.


We want to reduce WIP and team turnover as a means of increasing throughput. It is being viewed as a philosophical approach of our CTO and is resisted at the developer level. Our CTO would be thrilled to be able to validate this approach with real data.

– Mehul Kapadia, Sr Director of
Program Management, Identifix

Key Findings to Improve Your Software Delivery

Know where are you today – and know where to go tomorrow. These findings will directly impact your ability to improve your Agile transformation and make the case for investment.

  • Dedicating people to a single team correlates with 2x Productivity. But another practice might seriously hurt your performance.
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  • Teams using Full Scrum have 250% better Quality than teams doing no estimating. But another practice has better performance overall.
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  • Teams of 5-9 have the most balanced performance with strong Predictability, Productivity, Quality, and Responsiveness. But smaller teams have an advantage in one particular area.
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  • Teams that aggressively control Work in Process cut delivery time in half! But there are some cases when aggressively low WiP can result in poorer performance and you must choose how low to go.
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These Insights Are Just The Beginning.

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