Rally Platform

A customizable and scalable Agile management system

Rally’s cloud-based, Agile software management platform gives you full control over how to extend, adapt, and integrate Rally to meet your organization's needs.  

  • Integrate your entire development ecosystem
  • Scale to a virtually unlimited number of teams, users, and artifacts
  • Shape Rally to match your unique business processes
  • Personalize and share custom pages and dashboards to automate processes and accelerate adoption
  • Choose from a comprehensive library of pre-built Apps, or collaboratively create new ones with the Rally community
  • Produce custom metrics and reports that measure and improve Agile productivity

Rally Integrations

Some people spend too much time collecting and interpreting portfolio, release, and project data from different tools that don't align.  

Imagine Going to One Place for a Meaningful Rollup of Your Data

Through a set of pre-built connectors, Rally’s platform connects your entire software ecosystem to form a single system of record. 

  • Sync all of the data from your existing development tools
  • Use pre-built connectors to the most commonly used development tools
  • Collect and synchronize data across all of your tools, and make the right decisions based on the big picture

Rally Apps

We see many organizations struggle to make their software management tools give them the information they really need. Too often, they:

  • Can't access important data or share it with stakeholders
  • Can't create meaningful views and reports
  • Can't accurately determine status
  • Can't measure productivity

This ultimately leads to expensive workarounds, wasted time and resources, and worst of all, uninformed decision making.

Make your development tools and data work for you.

With Rally's open, scalable, cloud-based Agile management platform, you will create visibility and consistency across your teams, projects, and sites on your own terms, using your processes. You will optimize productivity and effectively steer your software projects, leading to better business outcomes.

Customize Your Environment with Rally Apps

Create or enhance any Rally feature using our open source Apps and connectors and the same standards-based tools and APIs we use for our own product development work.

  • Choose from nearly 100 pre-built Apps
  • Build your own Apps, or enhance existing Apps
  • Customize your dashboards with meaningful reports
  • Share custom pages and dashboards with other users

Measure Your Agile Performance and Continuously Improve

Rally has a powerful analytics engine that can measure and report how your projects and teams perform. Take advantage of this power -- use or build Apps and metrics to optimize your business outcomes and become truly Agile.


Draw On Rally’s Community of App Developers

Collaborate and learn from the Rally App developer community, powered by GitHub. To date, Rally developers, customers, and integration partners have created over 2000 custom Apps and 50 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool integration connectors. Find open source access to Rally and community-developed Apps in a social coding environment that helps people innovate and write better code faster. In addition, developers can ask technical questions and hold discussions with Rally's developers and other App developers on Stack Overflow.

The Building Blocks

Build Apps and extend Rally using the same tools we use for internal product development.

These resources help you build extensions to Rally

Create new apps from scratch with Rally’s enhanced AppSDK 2.0, which provides a rich component library of tables, charts, cardboards and interactive grids to use as building blocks in your custom displays and reports.

Versioned Web Services API
Rally’s Web Services API (WSAPI) allows access to Rally data from any programming language or operating system.  Rally’s WSAPI uses industry standard REST and SOAP protocols, and is supported by programming interfaces for all popular languages including C#, JavaScript and Ruby.  Versioning ensures backward compatibility or your custom apps and integrations with all new releases of Rally’s core product.

Enterprise Integrations Framework
Rally’s Enterprise Integrations Framework (EIF) enables real-time synchronization of data between Rally and other tools, so that you can extend existing Rally connectors or create new ones.

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