Strategy Meets Execution

Bridging Strategy & Execution

Are your business strategy and development aligned?

It’s a simple question that stumps even the highest performing organizations. While adopting Agile practices increases development speed, predictability and quality, the faster pace exposes new challenges for the business. Now, you must actively adjust priorities and resources to steer programs in the most profitable direction. At the same time, development teams must plan their sprints and releases to stay aligned with a changing strategic roadmap.

Inspired by Agile and Lean principles, Rally introduces the first Agile Portfolio Management solution. Agile portfolio management lets you continuously:

Strategy and Execution

Agile Portfolio Management links Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) execution with business strategy

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to refine ideas that drive innovation
  • Prioritize work according to its value and support of the strategic vision
  • Shorten the time needed to respond to market feedback and alter funding strategies
  • Reallocate development resources to maximize portfolio growth
  • Improve fact-based governance for sound trade-off decisions

For the past decade, Rally has helped thousands of development teams deliver features their users love in half the time. Now, we're just as dedicated to helping you connect strategy and execution to steer your business in fast moving, fiercely competitive markets. Rally’s Agile Portfolio Management solution is part of Rally’s proven formula for increasing your enterprise agility:

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