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Are you building the right solution for your customers?

Product managers face the time-consuming challenge of understanding why their customers are requesting a particular feature so they can develop a solution that is truly valuable. Establishing and nurturing an online user community where product ideas are shared and discussed among users is a great and effective way to better understand customers' needs.

As users engage with product managers in the online community, keeping them informed on the progress of their ideas can be an increasingly daunting task as a customer base grows.

Rally Idea Manager solves these problems by providing an automated and scalable platform for evaluating and managing customer ideas. It connects product managers with their customers so they can build the right features, in the right priority order and avoid wasting precious development resources.

            Demo: Sharing Ideas                                  Demo: Managing Ideas
   Demo: Sharing Ideas                         Demo: Managing Ideas

Rally Idea Manager highlights

  • Integrated with Rally's Agile ALM solution so product managers can promote ideas into development's product backlog and reflect progress to their user community
  • Built on a world-class innovation management platform that delivers enterprise scalability and grows into a full innovation management solution
  • Reporting and analytics to proactively monitor and energize user engagement in your own idea community

Built on a world-class innovation management platform

Rally Idea Manager

Rally Idea Manager, an OEM of a subset of the BrightIdea Webstorm offering, provides a rich environment for capturing ideas. Real-time duplicate checking, rich text formatting, support for attachments and user-defined tags give users the flexibility they need to accurately describe their ideas. Customizable idea submission forms give product managers the freedom to collect the information they need to assess customer needs. This rich environment saves product managers' time by capturing complete information about each idea thus minimizing time researching additional details.

Integrated with Rally’s Agile ALM solution

Rally's Agile ALM solution

Product managers can quickly promote popular ideas into their product backlog and get development started at implementing valuable features. Development teams using Rally's Agile ALM solution can quickly navigate to the idea and its comments so they better understand the customer needs they are solving with their implementation; and, as developers start working on implementing the idea, the idea submitters are kept informed with the status of ideas reflecting development work-in-progress.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reports on community activity and idea status provide product managers the ability to monitor their users' engagement in the community, and take action to energize their user base. When the out-of-the-box reports are not enough, custom reports can be created from the Web Services API.

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