Agile Reports and Metrics

From standard agile reports to trend reports and agile metrics, Rally provides powerful reporting capabilities to track software teams' progress. Reports and metrics can be easily shared with all stakeholders using email and common electronic formats.

Standard Agile Reports

To assess scope change and team progress to delivery, Rally provides standard agile development reports such as iteration and release burndown, burnup and cumulative flow diagrams.

Iteration Burnup


Trend Reports

Trend reports represent the empirical evidence necessary to plan based on "yesterdays weather", a key agile principle. Rally's trends reports go beyond simple trend charts by extracting key metrics to provide status at a glance.

The velocity chart includes metrics from past iterations to predict future velocity.

Velocity Chart


The release defect trend chart highlights the number of defects accumulated over the course of a release, providing insight during release planning on technical debt to correct.

Release Defect Trend


Rally uniquely provides powerful charts to track features, products and entire software solutions:

  • Story burnups for the overall progress towards delivering a specific feature, product or solution.
  • Story cumulative flow diagrams to see the flow of work remaining towards delivering a feature, product or solution. By showing the amount of work currently in each state (not started, in-progress, completed, etc.), flow diagrams are essential to track lean software development activities.
Time Tracking Burnup


On all trend charts, Rally uniquely includes metrics in the area above the chart to quickly interpret the chart and derive actionable measures.
Increase Collabor

Increase Collaboration and Transparency

Increase collaboration and transparency across your organization by sharing vital project information. Every Rally report can be emailed or exported in a variety of formats enabling easy incorporation in wikis or presentations to executives. Plus free-form annotations can be embedded to add context or interpretation before sharing with others.

Iteration Cumulative Flow Diagram


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