Deployment and Infrastructure Overview

Two-thirds of an IT budget can be spent on maintenance and operations.

Rally's high-performance on-demand platform allows you to free up your IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives and projects - instead of spending your time and money on implementing, deploying and maintaining yet another application. For organizations that prefer to manage all applications and data behind their firewall, we offer an on-premises solution that can be deployed on a standard server in your data center.

Rally Cloud Structure

High Performance SaaS Infrastructure

Rally's on-demand model delivers huge cost savings by eliminating the need for IT to procure new hardware and manage evaluations, implementation, provisioning and upgrades. Rally's multi-tenant architecture cuts complexity at each service layer so server response times average a speedy 300ms or less. Plus, our up-time exceeds 99.9%, and is backed by a strong SLA (service level agreement) that puts our money where our mouth is.

Our on-demand platform also includes dozens of fully-tested connectors to integrate and synchronize Rally data with your existing development applications - whether they are behind your corporate firewalls or hosted in the cloud.


Rally delivers the highest levels of physical, network, server, application and data security to ensure that your data remains private, available and secure. We invest heavily in an advanced network infrastructure with data centers in multiple locations offering best-of breed security, near-continuous backups and documented disaster recovery plans.

On-premises Deployment

For companies that require their IT staff to manage all company data behind their firewall, Rally offers an on-premises option for deploying Rally on a standard server in your data center.

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