Rally Enterprise Edition

Coordinate Multi-Team Programs

Rally Enterprise Edition supports shared product backlogs, hierarchical projects, roll-up reporting and advanced analytics. You also get an extensible platform with connectors to popular software tools, development toolkits and full access to the Rally App Catalog.

Features Include
Multi-Team Release Planning

Match Rally to how you're organized, then coordinate multiple release backlogs so every team knows how their work supports the larger features and release commitments.

Multi-Team Program Tracking

Keep multi-team releases in sync with reports and views that automatically roll up progress against shared commitments.

Kanban for Software Development Teams

Use Rally's Kanban boards to flexibly manage the flow of work for almost any process. All data across Rally, including your Kanban project data, will roll up so that you can track agile software development work across your entire company no matter what methodology your teams use.

Supported Integrations
Extensible Platform, App Catalog and App SDK

Extend Rally's features to match your workflow and reporting needs. Download free Apps from Rally's community of 14,000 development members and build your own using Rally's toolkits.

Development and Test Sandboxes

Match Rally to the unique needs of your company by refining your integrations, custom applications and extensions in a safe environment using a copy of your real data.

SaaS Infrastructure
Integrated Stories, Tasks, Defects and Test Cases

Centralize everything the team needs to build and rank backlogs, estimate size, and groom items for planning and scheduling.

Agile Project Management
Requirements Management

Import, create, prioritize and track requirements backlogs with full traceability. Break high-level feature descriptions into specific functional requirements and map these to releases and iterations with intuitive drag-and-drop planning.

Iteration / Sprint Management

Balance commitments against your team’s velocity and help everyone focus on advancing ideas to delivery.

Customizable Dashboards and Collaboration Tools

Participate in the flow of activities on your team and tailor your views and notifications to help you get the right things done. Create your own custom dashboards and share them with your team.

Agile Reports and Metrics
On-Demand Multi-Tenant Platform

Deliver great software and trust Rally to protect your data and keep it accessible to your global teams.

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