Rally Leads the Largest and Most Successful Enterprise Agile Transformations

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At a very fundamental level, going to Agile is so rewarding to the team because the collaboration and the work they do together ultimately creates a better product. The outcome of that is that the team feels very engaged and very fulfilled as they do product development that way. 

Troy Bailey
VP of Development

We can definitively show where projects stand, and map these to the overarching strategic initiatives. It allows us to bridge the gap from what we’re doing at the execution level to what value we’re delivering to the business.

Matt Weir
Senior Project Manager
Level 3 Communications

A lot of the traditional Agile practices relied on a traditional task board that everybody could kind of get around and look at. That wasn’t going to be reasonable in our case, so Rally was a nice fit for us to be able to expose [the board] on a distributed basis.

Brian Stockmoe
Director, NBC Media Technology
NBC Universal

Rally’s helped us do that because it’s a visual representation of the process that we’re doing.

Sharon Riechers
Senior Director

Rally not only allowed our development teams to have the day-to-day tools that they need to make them successful, but it gave us the information we need for our executives to run the business.

Laureen Knudsen
Director of Process & Methodology

Rally and the Agile lifecycle model of development process is really a way to start to completely change the way we deliver software. And it’s great!

John Coble

We have really felt a lot of loyalty from both Rally and Planview to our desire to become more of an Agile transformed organization.

Joan Bohannon
Project Manager - PMO Operations
Physicians Mutual

Telstra has integrated Rally with automated deployment tools to complete their entire ALM cycle. If the code isn't attached to a story and a feature [in Rally], it's simply not deploying... And Rally is particularly valuable in capturing the velocity of the entire Release Train, in realtime.

Em Campbell-Pretty
Executive Specialising in Agile at Scale

With Rally® Insights™ [capabilities], we uncovered the performance costs of unstable teams … and are seeing 30 - 50% improvements in both cost and delivery duration compared to similar waterfall projects.

Michael Santoro
Director, GVS Global Business Partnership Team
Tata Communications

Philips was ready to change, we needed to change, the only thing is we didn't know how to change.

Edgar van Zoelen
Head of Agile Center of Excellence

The Rally team was genuinely interested in helping us, not just selling a tool. They helped adapt Agile to our long-term projects and started us on the path to SAFe.

Dennis Rubsam
Sr. Director of Firmware Engineering

Financial Services

Rally helps financial services firms capitalize on opportunities by reducing delivery times and improving release quality. Providing visibility across distributed and varied functional groups, Rally ensures teams have a singular source for managing and tracking projects with the high traceability that Wall Street demands.


Secure. Traceable. Scalable. Government agencies, contractors and subcontractors are incorporating Agile methods into their projects. Moving from waterfall to Agile methods aims to improve manageability, reduce risk, and support rapid delivery of workable solutions. In fact, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified 32 effective practices and approaches for applying Agile software development methods to IT projects.


Agile software development methods have proven their worth in healthcare settings, delivering faster time-to-market, increased productivity, higher quality and improved morale. In order to achieve the next level of product quality and safety improvements and enhanced competitiveness, adoption of a more Agile approach is required.

Media and Entertainment

Rally and Agile give gaming companies, movie studios, online media outlets and entertainment enterprises the ability to delight consumers frequently and ahead of the competition, translating into immediate revenue.

Mobile and Communications

Rally in telecom drives fast-twitch behavior, enabling more rapid, on-target releases. Reacting quickly to customer opportunities or regulations, telcos rely on Rally to provide a singular ALM tool across multiple geographies and large, distributed teams.

Regulated Industries

Medical, pharmaceutical, defense and other industries that must comply with strict regulatory guidelines use Agile and Rally to ensure they are delivering high assurance software efficiently and transparently.


Rally provides technology companies with the visibility, collaboration and roll-up reports they need to deliver the right products frequently, even when teams are distributed around the world.
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