Changing the World is Easy

Jim Benson
Changing Yourself ... Not So Much
Speaker: Jim Benson
St. Julien Tent

Since developing Personal Kanban seven years ago, my co-author Tonianne and I have been lucky enough to not only work with some of the most interesting corporations on earth, but also world governments, NGOs, non-profits, and groups doing good work without even bothering to get a designation. Personal Kanban has built parks in Seattle, helped plan economic decisions in Vietnam, distributed carbon-credit funds to local landowners worldwide, provided medicines to children, helped drug addicted teens get off the street - and the list goes on. Changing the world, it turns out, has been merely a matter of showing up, being focused, and getting the work done.

Personal change, for ourselves and many of the people we've met on this trek, has been much much more challenging. Yet, how much of a global benefit is all this change having if we ourselves feel that life is constantly spinning out of control? Why has it been easier for school children in New York to reinvent education themselves than it has to convince coders in the US to limit their work-in-progress? Why has it been easier to build clinics in remote areas in Kenya than it has been to get managers at major telecoms to go home at five o'clock?

In this session, I will discuss some of the great and wonderful things we've seen over the last several years, introduce you to some of the dedicated and inspiring people we've met, and challenge myself (and the audience) to build a better world both in our own homes and across the planet.