RallyON 2013: Leading An Agile Organization

June 3 - June 5, 2013

Agile and Rally enthusiasts from a variety of companies — including start-ups and established enterprises —are gathering in beautiful Boulder, CO for RallyON 2013. Explore innovative ways to transform and lead an organization in a truly Agile way. Learn and be inspired by industry experts and your peers; and have a little fun while you're at it!


Jim Benson
Jim Benson
Award-Winning Author
Changing the World is Easy.
Changing Yourself ...Not So Much.

Since developing Personal Kanban seven years ago, my co-author Tonianne and I have been lucky enough to not only work with some of the most interesting corporations on earth, but also world governments, NGOs, non-profits, and groups doing good work without even bothering to get a designation. Personal Kanban has built parks in Seattle, helped plan...
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Have a product question? Need some advice from a coach? Want to connect with a speaker? This is your chance! We created the RallyON Rockstar Bar just for you, we'll answer your burning questions and give you an opportunity to connect one on one with speakers and other Agile experts.

Monday, June 3rd - Wednesday, June 5th


Craftsman Hacker

RallyON Hackathon

May 31st - June 1st  

Developers, engineers, hackers, and the like, will pair with a dedicated Rally engineer…

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