The Agile Impact Report

In May 2008, Rally Software commissioned third-party research firm QSM Associates (QSMA) to assess the performance of Agile development projects against plan-based or waterfall industry averages in three key areas: productivity, time-to-market and quality. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the performance of companies that have implemented Agile development practices and utilized them throughout the entire lifecycle. QSMA benchmarked 29 Agile development projects – eight of which were executed by Rally customers – against a database of 7,500 primarily traditional development projects. An additional study was added in August of 2009. QSMA concluded that, as compared to industry averages, the development teams utilizing Agile practices were on average:

  • 37 percent faster delivering their software to market
  • 16 percent more productive
  • Able to maintain normal defect counts despite significant schedule compression

Rally initiated the study to provide software-driven organizations with proven metrics – supported by actual project examples – that accurately measure the performance of Agile development projects across the enterprise.

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