Enterprise Kanban in Rally

Rally’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Platform offers Kanban boards, another way to track progress across all of your projects.

Whether you use Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid approach, roll-up reporting automatically aggregates all of your project data. This means that you can use Rally as a single source of record to track development work across the entire enterprise regardless of the development methodology that individual teams use.

What Can You Do with Rally’s Kanban Boards?

Rally Kanban Boards
  • Display columns matching Rally’s default schedule states
  • Customize a Kanban board to display columns that key off of any drop-down field
  • Design different column designs for different teams and still aggregate all of this data with roll-ups

Displaying and Moving Stories and Defects

Rally Kanban Boards
  • Display user stories and defects on Rally Kanban boards.
  • Drag and drop cards up or down to re-rank them within the same column
  • Drag them left or right to move them to a new state
  • Red borders indicate the story is blocked; green indicates the story is ready to pull

After a few days, Rally will begin to display how long an item has been in the current column so you can take action to keep work flowing.  You can edit quickly from the board, view the card's full details or launch the full editor.

Kanban Reports and Metrics Increase Predictability

When you start using Kanban boards for tracking, you can immediately see, identify and alleviate bottlenecks. Over time, Rally’s ALM Platform captures a wide variety of metrics that help you increase work predictability, an even greater benefit.

Throughput, Cycle/LeadTime and Cumulative Flow reports are at the heart of any Kanban-based system. These reports guide you in improving your planning and scheduling to accurately predict when you will complete work. Build realistic roadmaps based on quantitative analysis of your team’s performance, not guesswork.

Rally Kanban Boards
Rally Kanban Boards

Each team’s metrics are captured in Rally’s ALM data warehouse regardless of methodology used. Rally's built-in reporting engine rolls up this data across your enterprise. No more time-consuming imports to Excel or PPT. Rally's shared dashboards aggregate all development data (defects, test cases, user stories, tasks, builds, etc.) giving everyone real-time insight into the status of all of your projects - at any level within your organization.

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