Leaning IT: Applying the Principle of “Pull” to Scale Agile Teams

Reaping the benefits of Agile software development beyond the team level is an enticing proposition. In fact, in today’s competitive climate and brutal economy, perhaps it is even more than that — it is a necessity. Based on documented successes, organizations are recognizing the business imperative to “go big” with Agile and as a result, they are confronting the confusion and churn of when and how to scale their Agile adoption.

This white paper introduces the Lean principle of Pull and applies it as a theme for prioritizing actions and practices within Agile Teams and Programs. In this paper, you will learn:

  • The specific practices that adhere to the Pull discipline
  • Methods to keep you on the right path
  • Roadblocks to success
  • Expected results of successful adoption of Agile for the Program
  • Tooling to support the successful adoption

Is your organization ready for this Agile “means to an end” or is Agile adoption inadvertently creating a classic “fix that fails?” Can Agile truly work at the Program level? This white paper is based on actual experiences of professionals who helped steer many of the largest Agile implementations done over the last five years. Dedicate yourself to creating great Teams and superior Programs with the guidance provided here around the Lean discipline of Pull. Your reward will be the poise to gracefully continue to scale, mature, and win with Agile.

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