RallyON 2014 - Smart Design Stories Are the New User Stories

Learn how to see beyond typical agile user stories that annoy instead of inspire when building the “unknown”. Pave the way forward for your team by writing design stories that break down a complex problem into “tiny pulses” that when put together make up a complex system. Apply “Design Thinking” to not lose sight of the big picture and avoid leading your team down the wrong path of development and stifle innovation. See how thought leaders in Lean startup and Experience design are already re-evaluating their methods when measuring complexities of a system. Most importantly, see how design thinking, when more than an empty slogan, is the uniting factor for cross-functional teams: everyone “owns” the design, inspires developers to tackle complex and feature rich digital products with selective planning and architecture that include UI patterns, Lean methods, and promotes holistic thinking that makes everyone more effective and efficient in their work.

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