Team Tune-Up

As teams deliver working software iteration after iteration, they may find they begin to struggle. Perhaps quality has gone down, or retrospectives no longer lead to improvements, or the team no longer collaborates well. Perhaps the team struggles to make and meet its iteration commitments, or to please stakeholders with high-value features. They might be stuck below what Kathy Sierra calls the “suck threshold”.

The team could benefit from an outside perspective. Bring in our expert Agile Coaches to observe the team in action – demo-ing, retrospecting, planning, working and collaborating. As they say in Lean, the coach goes to the gemba, the place where value is produced.

Applying our experience guiding hundreds of Agile teams and organizations, the coach will recommend practices and techniques that can help the team reach its goals. Together, the coach and team will build a plan for immediate and long-term improvements. The goal is to reinvigorate the team and get them on a path to the passion threshold with Agile.

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