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Firms that charge into the transformation blindly will meet an untimely but fairly predictable end..." 1

Go Agile fast and safe with Rally's experts. Rally offers transformation consulting to guide organizational change, Agile, Lean, and Rally skills training, and coaching to apply those practices in your projects and context.

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1Diego Lo Giudice, Determine The Business And IT
Impact Of Agile Development, Forrester, Feb 8, 2012.

Transformation Consulting

Transform your organization into one that innovates, leads, adapts, and delivers. Rally's transformation consultants assess your readiness, co-create a plan for change, and mentor your leadership team through this difficult and rewarding process. Rally's proven organizational change model guides the transition, helping you reach full organizational agility at the Team, Program, and Portfolio levels.

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Learn the principles and practices of Agile and Lean, so teams can deliver, programs and portfolios provide more value, and your enterprise innovates. Prepare individuals for new Agile roles with training and certification. Rally's outstanding, experiential training uses Agile to teach Agile, and uses Rally to teach Rally. We take you all-in from the start.

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Apply learning in your context. Rally's experienced coaches guide, support and facilitate teams and programs as you climb the learning curves toward becoming an Agile business with greater productivity, speed, and value delivery.

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