Agile Kanban Toolkit

Focus Energy on the Most Important Work

Kanban, or "signboard," is a flexible system for managing your flow of work. At Rally, we offer Kanban features for managing team development and execution work, and also for managing your investment portfolio of projects across your organization. 

How’s your portfolio today? Using a portfolio Kanban, you’ll deliver higher value work faster by focusing energy on the most important work.

Few companies have succeeded in moving beyond static, up-front timelines and roadmaps. Getty has accomplished this. See how. 

Longing for a Kanban view of your portfolio? In this blog post, Product Manager Catherine Connor presents Rally's Portfolio Kanban Board.

What is Kanban and how can it help you deliver high-quality, on-time projects that meet or exceed expectations with minimal overhead? In this new series, we explore these questions, starting with an overview of the Kanban framework and the application of its principles in a project environment.

This presentation focuses on how Kanban can be applied in the areas of portfolio and programme management. Kevin shares his experiences and demonstrates how the principles of a Kanban system can be applied beyond the team level and can be adapted to support agile delivery at scale.

Throughout the presentation Kevin describes how to establish a portfolio that contains programmes of work to provide an alternative leadership framework to that of project management. He then demonstrates how these programmes of work can be structured to deliver prioritised initiatives using actionable metrics as success criteria rather than predictive date driven milestones.

The recurring theme throughout the presentation is to communicate how the principles of pull, visualisation, defined workflow and work in progress limits the support of organisational agility at all levels from team to portfolio . All of the content of the presentation is supported with case studies and real world examples to demonstrate their principles in practice.

Successful implementation of agile methodology can use many different principles. CA can help you find the methodology that’s right for you. Get started with CA Agile Management

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