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It’s time to stop “creating hilarious roadmaps that are never true.” Agile Portfolio Management links development and business strategy so that you can make smart decisions based on real data. These materials from stellar experts and customers will get you on your way.

Innovate! Your Business Depends on It

Think of the companies, the software, the brands that you admire. They innovate. They create and produce the next new things. They invest in the idea that innovation is their edge. And they're leading the way. See how Agile Portfolio Management will help companies like yours move, pivot, and innovate fast enough to compete in the 21st century. The life of your business depends on it.


Rally Portfolio Manager

When development teams adopt Agile practices, they still need to answer business questions about actual progress, delivery dates and cost. And, he business needs to collaborate with development to create realistic roadmaps and provide clear visibility into strategic priorities. Rally Portfolio Manager solves these challenges by providing the necessary feedback loops between business and development in a single system of record.

Hear What Thought Leaders Have to Say

Geoff discusses how Agile Portfolio Management correlates with company power, moving enterprises forward successfully against the pull of the past.
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Dave West, of Forrester Research, presents a keynote address discussing breaking down the barrier between planning and development in partnership with Rally Software.

Dean Leffingwell, author of Scaling Software Agility, talks about the big picture of Agile development in this keynote presentation, Agile Portfolio Management in the Scaled Agile Framework.

Our Customers Share their Experience

Nina Schoen discusses Getty's experience with Rally Portfolio Manager and how to achieve real business impact by expanding Agile beyond development.
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Chris Haley, VP of Product Development at CBORD, shares his experience with Agile Portfolio Management and Rally Portfolio Manager.

Panel Discussions: Agile Portfolio Management

All-star panelists Geoffrey Moore, Nina Schoen and Todd Olson address the realities of the PMO, prioritizing projects, increasing investment visibility and alignment between development and business strategy. 

On this Agile Portfolio Management panel discussion, panelists Dave West, Chris Haley, Ann Konkler, and Todd Olson address the realities of setting delivery expectations, reframing the budget process based on shorter planning cycles, how to help IT engage the business, prioritizing projects, and increasing investment visibility and alignment between development and business strategy.

While Agile practices increase predictability and quality in development teams, it also exposes new challenges, like how to best prioritize work and allocate resources. Panelists discuss taking Agile to a whole new level by connecting business strategy with the development teams' delivery. Panelists include: Dean Leffingwell, Chad Holdorf of John Deere, Todd Olson, Rally VP of Products, Catherine Connor, Rally Portfolio Manager product manager, Isaac Montgomery, Agile Coach at Rally Software and Julie Chickering, Agile Coach at Rally Software.


Rally's Catherine Connor and Brent Barton discuss how how to maximize value delivery in your portfolio and how to report portfolio status to help executives make fact-based decisions.

Steve Wolfe, Product Manager for Rally discusses how to define the elements of a successful portfolio including documenting value streams, identifying investment categories, and inventorying current work.

Margo Visitacion, Forrester Research, Inc., VP and Principal Analyst, discusses how accelerating demand for business agility is driving strategic planners to adopt Agile and Lean practices.

In this webinar, Brent Barton, Product Line Director for Rally will discuss how to bridge the “Points vs. Dollars” language barrier to reduce the overhead of “managing up” in Agile environments.


Steve Johnson, a recognized thought-leader on product management, discusses ways to quantify market value, including: where user stories come from, how product teams prioritize for value, and the best source of market intelligence.

Agile Author, Coach and Trainer Jochen (Joe) Krebs shares  how taking Agile to the portfolio level changes the entire company culture how critical it is to align values and define areas of democracy to promote trust, honesty and courage.

Agile Trainer and Consultant Mike Griffiths addresses various topics around the PMI-ACP including: understanding the PMI-ACP content outline and how it was created; positioning with other exams such as CSM, CSP, ICAgile, DSDM Agile Project Manager; and maintaining certification going forward.

Net Objectives CEO Alan Shalloway discusses how to manage multiple projects with multiple teams across an enterprise while avoiding command and control hierarchy including:  the limits of a completely flat organizational structure and the challenges of team dynamics at scale, and how teams can be organized to share product backlogs to improve completion of work will be presented.

Forrester Analyst, Margo Visitacion discusses the importance of integrating Agile practices and Lean principles as a holistic part of portfolio management - from strategic planning through project and program delivery.


Johanna Rothman shares Agile practices and Lean principles help you iterate on value, make trade-off decisions, and collaborate effectively across teams. Additional Resources

Eric Ries joined Rally to discuss the Lean Startup, a set of practices for helping entrepreneurs increase their chances of building radically successful businesses. Eric joined Ryan Martens and Zach Nies to discuss how even the largest global organizations can put Lean Startup methods into practice. Held in San Francisco on Feb 2, 2012.

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