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The leading solution for the Scaled Agile Framework®

More and more companies are adopting the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe®, a validated and publicly available set of best practices for scaling practices beyond agile teams.

Getting quantifiable returns from your SAFe implementation requires knowing how to turn the framework principles into practices, and a scalable platform that supports all levels of SAFe. Our leading solution includes:

  • Experienced consultants: tap into the collective expertise of the largest and most experienced fleet of coaches and transformation consultants, who've delivered hundreds of SAFe implementations.
  • CA Agile Central: get a scalable SaaS platform that supports all levels of SAFe with features such as capacity planning, release tracking, team planning, milestones, reliable traceability, rollups, portfolio Kanban and team Kanban.
  • Ready > Sync > Go: adopt our secret sauce to get fast, predictable value delivery and strategic alignment in as little as three months.

Why wait? Start your SAFe journey now.


CA is a Scaled Agile SPCT-Gold Partner, providing the highest level of support for the Scaled Agile Framework through our enterprise products and experienced consulting services. 

If you're considering agile at scale, wondering about SAFe, worried about having distributed teams, and shopping for the best portfolio-level agile platform, you'll want to read this case study. You'll find out how Swisscom, Switzerland's largest communications provider, managed to shave a whole year off its development time and launch a new product line that gained more than half a million subscribers in 16 months

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