User Stories Toolkit

Define Customer Value

User Stories are designed to keep teams laser-focused on customer needs, and serve as the driving force behind delivering valuable, high quality features, fast. Use the resources in this toolkit to learn the nuts and bolts of writing, sizing, breaking down, prioritizing, tasking and accepting user stories.

In agile development, users stories help teams understand what to build in order to deliver customer value. CA Technologies can help teams create compelling user stories. Get started with CA Agile Management

Learn how Rally's Agile Lifecycle Management tool connects the highest business priorities to daily development activity.

View these annotated screen shots to see how Rally handles the creation, elaboration and sizing of user stories.

Learn the basics on how to write user stories as they pertain to agile software development. A simple statement in a user story format gets us started, but doesn’t tell the whole story. The team needs more.

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